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I don’t do anything without gaiety… The secret of I Do Masae? A touch of pedagogy diluted in a good dose of gluttony!

If you love to cook but are frustrated that you don’t have enough time to prepare good meals for yourself and your family. If you are bored with cooking the same dishes all the time. If you are looking for fresh ideas that are both easy and original, you have come to the right place!

I put the emphasis on fresh, colorful cuisine punctuated by the seasons which leaves as much room for good and healthy dishes as for sweets and desserts.

My style is that; simple and accessible recipes, with that little touch of creativity that changes everything and makes you want to rush into the kitchen to taste it and please those you love.

I am known for the precision of my recipes that leave no one behind the road: whatever your level and your experience, success will be there, and I am very present in the comments to answer any questions. .

My ambition is not only to deliver recipes to you; it’s to inspire you and teach you everything I know so that you can flourish in the kitchen, develop your repertoire, and ultimately succeed in cooking intuitively and without a recipe. And my passion doesn’t stop with food: I am fascinated by the stories behind them, and you will see that they populate my posts.