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Here are the recipes most popular with my readers for more than fourteen years that I have been running this blog (!). It’s a great starting point if you’ve just joined us! I hope these recipes and tips will quickly find their place in your kitchen.

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1: Quick and easy puff pastry
Puff Pastry | I finally made something I pinned on Pinterest… | Flickr

This recipe changed my life , and Lucy Vanel has my undying gratitude.

A few years ago, I took note of the fast puffy pastry; a quick and easy way to make puff pastry. This method doesn’t require spreading butter to trap it in tempera, and that doesn’t nail you down. no longer in the kitchen, while waiting for the dough to rest.

2. Fine caramelized apple tart

apple, tart, cake, dough, home cooked meals, bake, eat, food, baked,  pastries | Pxfuel

A thin tart is a classic French pastry that is built on a disc of puff pastry. It is baked completely flat, with crusts. We can, therefore, do without a tart mold; good news for minimalists, young households, and rental house gourmets.

3. Sourdough baguettes

Simple Higher-Fibre Baguettes | Using a touch of white whole… | Flickr

The baking stone * (also called pizza stone or bread stone, not to be confused with a regular stone) is a refractory stone slab that is placed in the oven. It absorbs heat during preheating, and keeps it even when you open and close the oven door. This will allow you to maintain a more or less constant temperature and diffuses it continuously.