10 Culinary Resolutions To Help You Stay Healthy

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While it’s important to take a moment to congratulate yourself on all that you’ve already been doing amazing (yes, yes, you’re great!), It’s also an opportunity to adopt new good habits for the year which opens.

I therefore offer you 10 inspiring but accessible culinary resolutions to make your life in the kitchen more beautiful. 

1: Take advantage of the cookbooks you already have

You probably have cookbooks full of your shelves, but how often do you open them? Always follow your cookbooks carefully for you to enjoy the cooking time while staying healthy.

2: Save your peelings and carcasses for the broth

Start a “broth box” in your freezer to store the vegetable trimmings and the bones of the meats you cook. This will allow you to make a delicious homemade broth for a long time.

3: Enjoy your chocolate like a pro

File:Chocolate(bgFFF).jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Slipping on the entire tablet while thinking of something else is a real shame! Learn how to taste chocolate for all of your senses to benefit. You will see, that changes everything.

4: Plan your meals

Planning your menus in advance is neither difficult nor boring. This will help you to save time, money and energy, but above all eat much better.

5: Take care of your fresh herbs

Nothing is more depressing than to find a magnificent mesclun or a nice bunch of sticky coriander at the bottom of the fridge. 

6: De-clutter your closets

It’s amazing what can accumulate in closets when your back is turned. The best counterattack is to take inventory first, then focus on using what you already have before you buy anything. My secret boot to “get rid” of small leftover nuts and dried fruits? 

7: Sharpen your knives

Trying to chop up your fruits and vegetables with a dull knife is not only frustrating but dangerous. Treat yourself to a quality sharpener or better, entrust your blades to a professional who will sharpen them for you. 

8: Take a reusable shopping bag everywhere

You probably have several reusable shopping bags, but it doesn’t do the planet a favor if you leave them at home. Get in the habit of carrying one with you always – in your purse, in your backpack, in the trunk of your car, in the little one’s changing bag, you get the idea. (Don’t forget to wash your bags regularly, to avoid the “bacteria nest” syndrome.)

9: Eat more plant-based

If you’re only doing one thing this year for your health, fitness, and the environment, do this: Fill your plate with varied, colorful, and seasonal plant foods. 

10: Receive more often (but simply)

Having friends over for dinner is like playing an instrument: the more you do it, the better you do it, and the more you enjoy it. But if you think it has to be a whole reality TV production, you’re exhausted just thinking about it, that’s understandable. So I vote for simplicity: a small number of guests and easy dishes. But invitations issued with regularity, depending on what is realistic for you. Nothing will brighten up your year more than lively conversations around shared meals.