How To Make Good Home-Made Soup

Soup Vegetable Vegetables - Free photo on Pixabay

I’m probably not the only one at this time of year who wants nothing more than a bowl of something warm and comforting and lots of good things. But as you may have already noticed the hard way, good intentions aren’t always enough to get something really good.

To begin with, I refer you to my post on all-round soup , a sort of ultimate soup guide that explains in detail how to improvise with what you have on hand, without however the result being brown and floaty with threads that get stuck between your teeth.

And for those who have mastered the basics, I offer you these 5 tips that make the difference between the basic soup and the one that will make your spoonful of excitement.

Follow the seasons
For the carbon footprint, the suitability for the weather and respect for traditions, but also and above all because seasonal vegetables have infinitely more taste, and if you want a soup that sparkles with flavor, there is no no better.

Luckily, winter vegetables are asking for just that, with their high starch content and their slightly subtly sweet notes. Can’t remember what is in season when? I have prepared a fruit and vegetable calendar just for you.