Tips For an Enjoyable Picnic

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If you love the idea of ​​a picnic, but you don’t feel like it when someone throws the idea on a Friday night, this blog is meant for you.

So for you, for me, for us, here are some ideas that I brandish in front of the nose of my grumpy Smurf (which he has also very pretty, oh no, that’s Cleopatra), to remind me that if Yes, we can make it colorful and fun and easy for our picnics this summer!

The hard truth, you know it: without a minimum of preparation, it will all end up in rice salad, canned corn, paper towel roll and lukewarm soda. (But maybe your rice salad is very good, I haven’t tasted it.)

No, what we want is fresh, cheerful, and a little originality.

Picnic Tips: Recipe Ideas
So this summer, to change the ham and butter – admittedly very good – we can make banh mi, this star sandwich of Vietnamese street food. A baguette that doesn’t have too much crumb, marinated and grilled meat or tofu, grated carrots and cucumber seasoned with magic sauce, chili, a little mayonnaise, and a lot of coriander: it’s an approximation acceptable and a delight.

And if we find that sandwiches are awfully good, but they still make a lot of bread, we can make rolls wriggling with freshness by garnishing rice leaves (like a spring roll) or leaves with raw vegetables. grilled nori seaweed (maki style, like the nori, avocado, and cucumber rolls which are one of my most popular recipes on Pinterest ! Life is well done.).

Another option: give in the smørrebrød, the Danish toast . Instead of making sandwiches for everyone, they provide sliced ​​black bread and a several ingredients: butter, cucumber slices, hard-boiled eggs in strips, thinly sliced ​​gouda, marinated herring, Roast beef in very thin slices, sliced ​​new onions, fresh herbs… We have everything on the picnic table or in the middle of the tablecloth spread out in the clearing, and each one does to its taste.

As for the salads, which are always a bit risky to eat on their knees, with the dressing that drips when the discussion is lively, I like to compose them and serve them in jars (I use the glass yogurt pots of my yogurt maker, in fact I have a spare set ), with a nice effect of successive layers as a bonus. We thus have the different elements – little cereals and/or legumes in the bottom, cooked vegetables, raw vegetables, fondant (tofu, cheese), crunchy (roasted hazelnuts, sprouted seeds), and we pour a sauce on top: it will suffice to shake at the last moment to soak everything up.