To Rent or Buy a Walk-In Cooler?

If you run a business that deals with perishable products, a refrigeration system is one of the top equipment you should have. Ideally, you should get a quality walk-in cooler that would serve you accordingly. Now you decide to step out and get yourself a good walk-in cooler for your business. So the question is, should you buy it or lease it? Each option has its good and bad side, but which is the best of them all? To buy or to rent? That is the question. Here is a look at what option you should consider for the best of your business.

Leasing the Walk-In Cooler

When you lease the walk-in cooler, it is all about paying a certain amount of fee and taking it to your business for a specified amount of time.

When should you rent?

• If you are just starting a restaurant, and more often than not, don’t have enough money. You may not have enough money to purchase a walk in cooler, which tends to be somewhat costly. In this case, you can hire one, to serve you before you get enough money to purchase your own walk-in cooler.

• When you don’t need it for a long time. It could be that you are running a seasonal business, which doesn’t require you to have the cooler for such a long time. Here, you can rent the walk-in cooler for the period that you run your business.

• If you need an up-to-date cooler. Some business persons choose to lease the walk-in cooler to rely on up-to-date equipment that would suit their businesses perfectly. When leasing the equipment, the company will usually get you the latest walk-in cooler.

Leasing the walk-in cooler will also let you have predictable monthly expenses.

Buying the Walk-In Cooler

If you choose to buy the cooler, you will pay the agreed amount of money and take the cooler with you to your business.

When should you buy it?

• For a sense of ownership. When you buy the walk-in cooler, you wouldn’t have to worry about anyone asking about the condition of the cooler.

• To avoid future costs. If you buy the walk-in cooler, you will only pay a one-time fee, which is the amount to purchase the cooler.

• If you want control over the cooler. You won’t only have a sense of ownership, but you also have control over the walk-in cooler when you buy it. You get to decide when and if it should be customized further or about the maintenance services.

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